This section is directed to Folk Style Youth Club Season

Click the link above☝️to view the PEAK 2 PEAK website and the events/flyer. This will show all tournament information: age groups/times/dates etc.


"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." -Dan Gable

EWC continues to partner with the Peak 2 Peak wrestling league as we feel there mission coincides with our own. Making your wrestler’s experience in the world’s greatest sport an enjoyable one

There are usually two tournaments every Saturday (North or South), based on which location Coaches decide EWC will attend as a club, the EWC communicator will post this on the club calendar so continue to check on website for all upcoming information.

Each tournament is $25 per wrestler and will need to be paid to Coach on Tuesday night for weigh-in. If payment is not available at weigh-in, Coach will not be able to register your athlete. Your wrestler must attend Tuesday night practice to weigh-in, if they are unable to attend and/or miss practice, they will not be registered. 


If you are a new wrestler and new wrestling parent, Saturday tournaments can feel overwhelming and confusing based off of how they operate. If you have questions to better prepare yourself for those first tournaments, please feel free to reach out to a Coach, EWC communicator or your EWC families.

For tournaments, coaches know your wrestler's mat assignments and chart number (cone color), but as you can image with 60+ kids wrestling, coaches may be on a mat assisting a wrestler already. DO NOT PANIC. Inform the table you don't have a coach yet DO NOT allow your wrestler to go on the mat without a certified coach. They can skip to the next match and come back to yours. Also, get in the habit of finding a coach prior to your cone color. At tournaments there can be 20-25 mats with matches and some locations have up to three rooms of wrestling. A Coach will be assigned to a room and are aware of which kids are on the mats in there assigned room. 

Track your Wrestler

Track Wrestling is partnered with Peak 2 Peak to digitally manage brackets for the Saturday tournaments. This gives Parents the ability to view who, when and where your child is wrestling via phone, tablet and computer.