Culture Norms

We understand wrestling is not easy and comes with bumps and bruises literally. We try to build comradery and a fun environment among the wrestlers, coaches and parents. As it will take a village to help develop these young athletes into amazing wrestlers but more importantly amazing human beings. We take the approach that having fun and giving these youth an amazing experience is more important than wrestling itself. If we are successful in that we know the inner wrestler will come out and at that point look out. As a club we have a board which includes the high school coaches. We take the approach that the program is one singular piece and we can not be successful without each other. You will come to find out and see on this page that this program's mission is not complete  once a wrestler is in high school, once they go to college etc.. This is a culture. This is a family. You will find that things come full circle. Youth grow, go to high school, graduate, go to college, graduate, come back to coach, have kids that join the program and it continues..... We look forward to working with your wrestler.

Parents please review these expectations with your wrestler.  This club reserves the right to expel or otherwise bar (either permanently or temporarily) any offending individual and wrestler/parent etc. affiliated with the offending individual, from participating with the club and any of its activities if any of the below rules are violated.


Tournament Expectations

Practice expectations

Parent Expectations

Practice Norms

Tournament Norms