Eaglecrest wrestling club

"Wrestlers compete as individuals yet the sport builds comradery like no other." - Cael Sanderson 

the Mission 

Eaglecrest Wrestling Club (EWC) has set out to build a culture around the love of working with youth, and helping them grow socially, emotionally, and athletically. We emphasize on the importance of human development through the sport of wrestling, in order to teach them lessons that will benefit their lives. The culture of the program is built to provide a lifelong resource for our athletes and families, and to support our wrestling community in any endeavors. The focus of the program is to elevate your child to their highest pinnacle, and teach them skills that are necessary to be competitive in all aspects of life.

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Make sure to check calendar regularly. Also click to open calendar to view details regarding events. 

Be advised schedule can changed based on unforeseen circumstances we do our best to pre-plan but we also try to be adaptable. 

Enter Northwest doors

Wrestling Room

Located in the basement

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Board Public Information Officer 

Jell Vigil

Support our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our young athletes in there development in becoming not only great wrestlers but amazing young women and men.  It is our goal of the club to look for sponsors that we trust and are willing to recommend to our wrestling family. 

Dr. Colleen has been our kids dentist for nearly decade and I would not trust anyone more with my boys. She is not only a wonderful Dentist but a great human being. When I asked her if she was willing to support youth wrestling with a donation she did not hesitate to show her support.  - President/Coach LeRoy & Communication Angelica Vigil

🦅🦅🦅If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we have package options see below. 🦅🦅🦅