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Points of Contact

🦅Head High School Men's Coach 

Javier Quintana 303-507-5128 

🦅Head High School Women's Coach 

Horacio Vialpando  720-947-9687 

🦅Club President/Coach 

LeRoy Vigil  720-270-6868

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Northern Colorado Wrestling Camps

2024 5 Day Individual Camp

Check In: June 24th, 12:30pm-2:30pm

Check Out: June 28th, 11:45am-1:30pm 

The 5 Day Individual Camp is designed for all wrestlers and experience levels who are looking to gain valuable skills and techniques through both skill instruction and live wrestling.  The overall goal of the camp is to improves one’s technical and tactical skills by enhancing base line skills and tactics that are proven to work against the highest levels of competition.  Physical and psychological conditioning is also part of our camp system as we will test our athletes on all levels.

The overall development of our individual camp system is to learn how to train like the best.  When you can train like a champion, you can be a champion!

🦅Registration Requirements🦅

🦅Must register on the camp website and follow their provided directions. Link to website above.

 🦅Once registered through the camp website Eaglecrest will have a separate registration and fee so we can plan accordingly for transportation, separate team events, food etc. 

Essential Gear and Items 

Campers should bring the following items with them to camp:

Wrestling Equipment

Running shoes

Wrestling shoes

Kneepads (optional)

Headgear (optional but recommended)

Toiletries (including an antibacterial soap or body wash)

Laundry Detergent

Alarm clock

Spending money for Camp Store

Bedding and linens (beds are twin XL size)

It is recommended that campers label their items with their last names.
Please leave all valuables at home.  Troy Nickerson Wrestling Camps, LLC is not responsible for any lost
items. Eaglecrest wrestling club is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

Laundry facilities are available at no cost inside the dorms.  Campers must provide their own detergent.

Please leave all valuables at home.